botox therapy

Botox in dentistry has become very popular and studies have shown that Botox therapy for migraines, TMJ, and grinding does work. Patients find that the pain associated migraines, grinding and TMJ disorder decreases substantially with the use of Botox therapy. An added bonus or benefit is the decrease in fine lines and wrinkles and the more youthful appearance you get with the use of Botox. If you are interested in hearing more about the use of Botox in dentistry please contact us. Dr. Deanna Mathisen and her team will be happy to go into more detail about the variety of therapies.

There are many benefits to using botox....let me show you.

Botox for TMJ and Grinding

Botox for migraines

How much botox will I need?

This will depend on what you are trying to achieve. 


A more youthful and flawless appearance with decreased visible facial lines.

Not just for women---Men are getting great results with botox as well

Call us so set your appointment up for your transformation and relief!!!


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